No High-Density in Fullerton | Stop Selling Our City to Developers!

Fullerton’s Ex-Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald is completely beholden to her lobbyist bosses at Curt Pringle & Associates, high-rise developers, downtown businesses, and police & firefighter unions.









Jennifer @SparkyFitz Fitzgerald is the Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates, a company whose mission is to “help real estate developers overcome challenges and expedite the plan check.”. How can you serve two masters at once Ms. Fitzgerald? Do you work for the citizens of Fullerton like you claim, or are you out to rezone and sell or give away to no-bid and below market value every last piece of property in our fine city? You must recuse yourself from one position or the other. You are in conflict of interest.

Jennifer Fitzgerald is selling our beloved Fullerton at an alarming rate to BIG MONEY DEVELOPERS. Recall Jennifer Fitzgerald now. Check out our latest post from last night’s meeting here: Map #2B Never had a Chance

I’ll bend over backwards for greedy property developers that will ruin Fullerton forever… I will continue to raise your taxes and do NOT have your best interests in mind.


Fullerton residents deserve better options other than more high-density apartments. Curt Pringle & Associates, developer cronies and the city of Fullerton pensioners are all salivating over this juicy piece of property. RIP Polly’s Pies. Wrap your heads around that Fullertonians. Massive high-density Section 8 housing projects are planned for this area of town and nary a grocery store in sight or walking distance.

Oh, it's happening folks. You're just too meek and your heads are buried in your phones. Lift your heads and pay attention, as this is your future Fullerton!
Look up and pay attention friends, as this is your bleak and overcrowded future city of Fullerton!

Can you possibly imagine living on E Elm or E Rosslyn and backing directly up to the monstrosity below?

This lovely project is happening (see illustration). Please wake up Fullerton. Jennifer Fitzgerald and other Fullerton City Council Members, are selling this beloved city off piece by piece, right under your noses. Shame on you for letting this happen!!

Ummm….. Huh???

Can anyone not see the serious conflict of interest here? Jennifer: please do us all a favor and recuse yourself from the city council and save your handlers a lot of money for a recall fight. Please, do the right thing Jennifer. Step down and walk away as a council member and just be a mother to your two kids. What’s more important? Raising good children or selling out your city to developers to pay for overpriced city agreements, services and non-transparent, bloated labor union contracts? You even pimp your children out when campaigning as you yourself admitted. All while the city is in debt and the roads and water infrastructure are failing at an alarming rate. Oh, and this just in- the very lucky fellow that videotapes the City Council meetings gets $550 for the first hour and $350 for each additional hour. It could be live streamed for free by students of FJC or CSUF. But whatever. You guys get yours, and all the rest of us get screwed. Not this time. We’re now watching…

Ridiculous cost of videotaping a public event that’s available for free but you have to have Time Warner cable to watch it.

Yes, this is that old car dealership on Harbor Blvd and what’s going to become of it.

This monstrosity will be right next to Costco. Imagine how much more traffic there will be at that shopping center on a weekend. Not good. Why even bother driving on Harbor Blvd anymore?

Sometimes I can’t even. Like every time my eyes happen to gaze upon this mega-eyesore Malden Station. This should be concerning to every citizen of Fullerton. This is what Jennifer Fitzgerald and her cronies are doing to Fullerton, and will continue to do to Fullerton. I really do hope they put a Starbucks in there per the rendering just to screw with Dripp. Wake UP Fullerton!!!

The rendering almost looks cute compared to the monstrosity it is in actuality.
The rendering almost looks cute compared to the monstrosity it is in actuality.

A somewhat sobering view of the beautiful old part of the city in the background and the shiny, new Malden Station in the foreground.
A somewhat sobering view of the beautiful old part of the city in the background and the shiny, new Malden Station to the left of the frame. If you haven’t noticed, we council members are selling off the city parcel by parcel to pay for the bloated salaries and pensions to the police and fire departments we’re so beholden to for our reelection. This picture is actually quite ironic if you think about it… All that decision making in the chambers in that old building in the middle of the frame requires all this new construction to pay for it. Stop selling our city!

This next gem of a mega-complex might have you thinking you’re living in a swanky, upscale apartment in Palm Springs or other hot spot… not on the border of Lemon and the 91 Freeway, with convenient access to McDonalds and Lowe’s just across the street. Just think, you’ll never need a white noise machine with all the freeway sounds. I bet Lowe’s could even sue the city for lost revenue in white noise machines. Oh, the madness!

Is this the future and no one said anything to us? Is this still not across from Lowe’s and practically adjacent to the 91 freeway?
Yep. Another monster. And another...
Yep. Another monster. And another, and another… how many monstrosities do you want Fullerton? Are you angry yet? Do something about it and leave a comment.

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