Fullerton Wants More Bars in Downtown

Ted White, Community Development Director for the City of Fullerton wants for the Downtown bar and restaurant owners fewer operational rules. Forward video to 13:36 for agenda Item #1. Click picture to view video.

In an anticipated move, City of Fullerton staff provided a report called the ‘Downtown Game Plan’ to the City of Fullerton’s Planning Commission to lower the number of rules (50 ‘standard conditions’ presently that are too difficult to enforce) down to 13 ‘operational standards.’ Please forward video to 13:36 for the agenda item. There are already 61 licenses to sell liquor in Downtown Fullerton. Do we need more? How much money does the extra policing and cleanup of Downtown cost the city every year Mr. White? (It’s roughly $1.6 M)

What is the ABC’s stance on this? They seem to be neutral, so your voice needs to be heard if you don’t want still more liquor licenses being handed out like candy. See below.

As of March 1, 2019, there have already been 80 DUIs in Fullerton. How many more liquor licenses and DUIs are enough for Mr. White and Police Chief Dunn? ONE DUI IS TOO MANY.

If you are tired of the vomit, urine, feces, vandalism, and noise this drunken plague causes, (and the high costs to our city that 61 on-site alcohol licenses already create) please write/voice your concerns and address them to:

Alcoholic Beverage Control:

605 W Santa Ana Blvd # 28-369, Santa Ana, CA 92701
Phone: (714) 558-4101

How about a more diverse Downtown Fullerton that doesn’t smell like a sewer. Is that too much to ask?

Jennifer @SparkyFitz Fitzgerald Assures Fullerton God has Its Back

The other day, Fulleton’s ex-mayor Jennifer ‘Lobbyist’ Fitzgerald had a nice chat with the Downtown Fullerton bar loving pastor Sam Han of Grace Ministries. She assured the congregation that though she is all alone now on the Fullerton City Council, God still has big plans for Fullerton. Our friends over at FFFF tell the story better. Have a look:

Re-elected And Alone

Jennifer Fitzgerald Helps Create Mayhem in Fullerton

This video (somewhat disturbing) is the reason our roads are broken and our city is bleeding red ink. It’s also the reason they keep trying to shoehorn more and more high-density apartment blocks that nobody wants other than the out of town developers and those who work for the city and suckle its teat every month. The city employees and city council need money so desperately that they are willing to put up with this sick side show that happens every weekend in Downtown Fullerton. This behavior must stop. Jennifer Fitzgerald must be recalled now.

Should we hold the police responsible? The bar owners? The restaurant overlay district? Our elected members of City Council? You decide, because here’s why our city is in such disrepair: $0.70 of every dollar in the general fund is spent on public safety. That leaves $0.30 for everything else: parks, streets, sewers, tree trimming… the list goes on and on, but you get the picture. Oh yes, one last sobering thought- for all the hoopla that everyone heaps on Historic and Beautiful Downtown Fullerton, the extra police and EMT activity/overtime actually costs the city $1.6 Million dollars over and above what the whole downtown brings in tax revenue. This is a true fact. Are you angry yet? Watch the video again if you’re not.


Fullerton District Map Election Shambles- Map 8A

“Map #8A has the best chance of being voted in by the residents of Fullerton” -Doug Chaffee.

Supporters of Fullerton District Map 2B vs 8B
Dog & Pony show at Fullerton City Council Chambers June 7, 2016

Every voting district in Fullerton now touches downtown, according to Fullerton’s illustrious and genius City Council. Despite a full audience (at least 70% in favor of Map #2B), Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese interpreters, none of it mattered. What a farce. A waste of time. The council’s minds were already made up last night before the meeting even began. Last minute district map entries by cartographer-bar owners that don’t follow proper procedure, protocol or get community input are A-OK. Just because we couldn’t or wouldn’t follow the rules like the rest of you did, we should still be heard, because we own bars, and our map should be the one you vote in. Just because I was a semi-rock star about 17 years ago. Additionally, the bars in downtown Fullerton cost the city upwards of $1.5M each year over and above the tax revenue they generate. But they donate to the schools and feel-good causes and also fund your reelection campaigns, so what’s a city council person to do? Vote unanimously on Map #8A, knowing you’re all beholden to someone or some magical downtown Fullerton entity. Remember- this very flawed map was submitted last minute at the last council meeting and avoided completely the months long process of community input and meetings with the hired professional cartographer. Fullerton must love litigation, no?

Other notables that spoke in favor of map #8A:

Young Kim (they let her go first, because, hey- it was election night, after all)

The ubiquitous Larry Bennett (Larry, get a new site dude)

AJ Popoff (Salon Owner, and get a site period)

Dena Bravo-David (Wine Bar Owner)

Rob Hallstrom (PR for Downtown Bars & Restaurants)

Sam Han (of Grace Ministries)

Jeremy Popoff (Fullerton’s newest and greatest cartographer)


Rob Hallstrom, who owns a PR firm that specializes in bars & restaurants, definitely supports Map #8A at a City Council hearing on June 7, 2016.

A cozy shot of Fullerton’s own Mayor and one-time rock star Jeremy Popoff at the House of Blues Anaheim final concert. Hey Jeremy- where did you learn your cartography skills?


Like peas in a pod. The Popoffs love Jennifer Fitzgerald. Or does Jennifer Fitzgerald like Popoff? Hmmm….

What is the powerful connection with the Popoff brothers and Jennifer Fitzgerald?

I just can’t help but be reminded of this fine story a couple years back…

Attention Fullerton residents: please don’t let Jeremy Popoff’s cartography skills and endorsement of a flawed districting elections map happen to Fullerton. Ed Hardy does not approve nor does Fullerton’s general public.

Stay sharp Fullertonians. Don’t be afraid to speak up or speak your mind.

Talk to us

Let’s show Ms. Fitzgerald the door and that we Fullertonians care about the history and integrity of our city, and will not put up with her or her cronies selling off our beautiful city. Once a piece of property is sold and they break ground, it’s gone forever. Go to council meetings, Read the Fullerton Observer.

Email Us. Care about your city. Speak up. Don’t be afraid to post a comment below. Your anonymity is respected.