Jennifer Fitzgerald Helps Create Mayhem in Fullerton

This video (somewhat disturbing) is the reason our roads are broken and our city is bleeding red ink. It’s also the reason they keep trying to shoehorn more and more high-density apartment blocks that nobody wants other than the out of town developers and those who work for the city and suckle its teat every month. The city employees and city council need money so desperately that they are willing to put up with this sick side show that happens every weekend in Downtown Fullerton. This behavior must stop. Jennifer Fitzgerald must be recalled now.

Should we hold the police responsible? The bar owners? The restaurant overlay district? Our elected members of City Council? You decide, because here’s why our city is in such disrepair: $0.70 of every dollar in the general fund is spent on public safety. That leaves $0.30 for everything else: parks, streets, sewers, tree trimming… the list goes on and on, but you get the picture. Oh yes, one last sobering thought- for all the hoopla that everyone heaps on Historic and Beautiful Downtown Fullerton, the extra police and EMT activity/overtime¬†actually costs the city $1.6 Million dollars over and above what the whole downtown brings in tax revenue. This is a true fact. Are you angry yet? Watch the video again if you’re not.


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